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Accidents happen. In an instant, due to no fault of your own, everything can change for the worse. I'm here to make sure you don't carry the financial burden of that change alone.

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Stephen Winig is highly experienced
								in Personal Injury cases

Many aspects of an accident require thorough investigation that may affect the outcome of your case. We will conduct our own investigation for you to ensure that a fair conclusion is reached. It is not always necessary to go to trial to sue. If possible, we will settle your case outside of court, and save you time and costly court fees.

Personal Injury cases are often confusing and you may have many questions about how to proceed. Stephen L. Winig has practiced for over 30 years and is well versed in personal injury law. Winig Law is here for you and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have concerning your case.

Stephen Winig is a highly experienced Personal Injury attorney

No one plans on being in an accident. Whether it is as a passenger or driver in a car, motorcycle, golf cart, or boat; riding a bicycle; tripping on an uneven sidewalk or slipping on a spill on the floor, all can be mechanisms of injury. When accidents occur as a result of the negligence of others, there is not only damage to property, but more importantly, there can be injury to you. Insurance does not cover all of the damages. When we purchase insurance, terms like PIP, bodily injury liability and subrogation are terms that are little understood. The purchaser thinks that the insurance will cover everything in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, that is frequently not the case.


Winig Law has years of experience advising and representing clients in their personal injury situations. We are able to provide answers and solutions to the following types of questions: "My car is totaled; will I be able to purchase a new one? I have missed 5 weeks of work. Will I still receive my full salary? How will I pay my bills? The person who hit me has no insurance. How do I make a claim against them? My medical bills far exceed my insurance coverage. How will I pay for my medical expenses? This wasn't even my fault! I have a permanent injury that is going to impact me for the rest of my life. Someone should have to pay! How do I know if I have a case?


In a personal injury case, there are no fees charged unless there is a financial award made for the injuries. This is referred to as contingency based fees in which the Attorney receives a percentage of the settlement. Additional attorney costs may be deducted, but only if there is a settlement.

To fully understand your situation and learn what kind of compensation you may be able to recover contact Winig Law. Stephen L. Winig, Esq. has the knowledge, experience, and skill you will need to move forward with your claim.

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