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Any violence or thievery towards you is an abuse of your rudimentary entitlements. These actions may have a permanent impact upon your bodily or emotional health. Land owners in Florida possess a legal responsibility to keep people on their property secure. Including business owners, managers, and landlords.

When neglectful security turns to an accident that leads to an injury, property owners can be held responsible if someone is hurt or their property has been taken or damaged. The reasoning is to avoid predictable harm to anyone on that property.


In Florida premises liability law, each property owner is urged to take rational actions to safeguard the public from injury. In hotels, buildings, other properties, this standard may necessitate the suitable installation of functional security cameras.

To effectively file a negligent security case, your lawyer will need to demonstrate that the property owner should have known of the hazard but did not act on fixing it. This can include inspecting crime stats, photographs, statements, history, and other archives to find if the occurrence was predictable. A practiced law firm will support you in assembling the evidence and filing a claim.

Negligent security issues can come up when someone is assaulted or hurt on a property as a result of inadequate security. In these cases, the victim may have severe physical and psychological damages. Even if the offender of the assault gets away and can’t be held responsible, the victim may carry a suit against the owner if they did not employ essential safety procedures that may have averted the injury. For example, the owner of a bar has a requirement to employ adequate security in the event that a fight takes place. If the owner does not do so and anyone is hurt on the property, the victim may file a claim if they can demonstrate that added security would have stopped the conflict and therefore avoided the injury.

Negligent security cases function under the policy of negligence. A negligence claim claims that the guilty person did not use reasonable precautions, and it caused the accuser's injury. To have success in a negligent security case, the complainant needs to verify the following:

  • The owner had a legal responsibility to deliver security for the property.
  • The owner’s failure in delivering security caused the petitioner's injury.
  • The petitioner experienced injury as an outcome of the event.

Negligent security cases may be very complicated. If you believe you have a lawful negligent security entitlement, it is smart to contact an expert South Florida negligent security lawyer to help evaluate the details of your case.


When owners do not take appropriate steps to guarantee the safety of anyone in their establishment, it may come to someone being injured, sexually assaulted, or assaulted. Although the aggressors are the cause of the harm, the owners can potentially be held responsible for not preventing or advising against it.

Negligent security may involve:

  • Insufficient light
  • Damaged locks
  • No security cameras or guards
  • Inadequate surveillance
  • No notice of criminal activity


The necessity for security cameras could be especially vital in unsafe or elevated crime areas that may not be patrolled but easy for anyone to enter. Surveillance is one of many security methods that owners are suggested to use.

Observable cameras assist in defending people from being assaulted in public spaces. The introduction of cameras in public stops criminals from crimes like:

  • Theft
  • Assault or Battery
  • Sexual assault

If you have been assaulted on a property where cameras were not present or situated correctly, you may be eligible for compensation.


Premises liability law is the group of laws that make the property owner liable for some damages experienced by someone on the property.

The duty of care allocated by the property owner is different dependent on if the hurt person on the property was invited, a guest or trespassing, with usually more of a responsibility for those invited and licensees than with someone who is trespassing. But, some areas have accepted that a property owner or resident is responsible in all cases.

In civil liability situations, the visitor’s position could be a pertinent feature in finding whether the injury was predictable, and the property owner was neglectful. If you were an invitee to the property for patronage, like being a store customer or amusement park visitor, it will probably you will probably get more compassion than if the injury was sustained during trespassing.


Responsibility can be eliminated if a trespasser is intoxicated. Florida Statute §768.075 gives protection from civil liability negligence for harm or fatalities to trespassers on a property if the trespasser is under the influence, unless it is an instance of “gross negligence,” meaning nowhere close to meeting the below the standard of repair.

Sometimes injuries obtained through neglectful security are very severe forceful crimes that can cause PTSD, disability, mutilation, or fatalities. If you have obtained an injury because of a property owner’s negligence, you may be capable of recuperating compensation for your losses; include hospital bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, or funeral expenditures.


Winig Law, with our skilled legal group has dealt with cases concerning negligent security for years, including cases like to yours. We are ready to go after the recuperation that our clients deserve.


Negligent security cases are frequently complicated. Hiring a knowledgeable West Palm Beach personal injury team is necessary to attain a fruitful outcome. We are aware of how to look into these cases to provide our clients the best chance at a satisfactory result and get the most compensation that they deserve.

If you or someone you love has been harmed and you believe that negligent security may have led to the incident, contact Winig Law and feel confident about your representation.


When crime victims obtain severe physical and psychological traumas, they are not often able to sue the assailants and get any significant reparation. Often, a 3rdparty, sometimes the property owner, may be partly guilty for these injuries.

If you have been seriously hurt as a result of an assault, rape, robbery, or another type of crime, you may have a claim against the owner of the property where the crime occurred. You should discuss your options with an injury lawyer in West Palm Beach as soon as possible.

Some of the reasons why proprietors are responsible for crimes are:

  • Broken locks
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Negligent security
  • Poor handling of conflicts

At Winig Law, we have the resources, expertise, and trial experience representing seriously injured victims of crime in Florida. Common theories of legal responsibility are based on legal concepts known as negligent security or inadequate security measures. Legal claims are generally filed against property owner, managers and other negligent businesses.

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